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Speechelo™ Real Review :
Is Speechelo™ Any Good?

Digital marketers today are faced with the biggest challenge of putting out high-quality videos on YouTube. Making a high-quality video is more than just putting oneself out there and recording a video with your own voice and face.

Speechelo™ has made it easier. With this tool, you can produce live like voice-overs for the video you are producing. This is an incredible text-to-speech software that can convert written texts to a human-sounding voice in just three clicks. Since Speechelo™ is based in the cloud, you do not have to install anything.

This tool is taking TTS software (text-to-speech) to a whole new level thanks to its lifelike voice-over and customization features.


What is Speechelo™?

In summary, Speechelo™ can be described as powerful text-to-speech software that was created by the blaster suite team. It creates human-sounding voiceovers that help you produce good video.

It is very easy to use. All you need is to copy and paste your script, choose voiceovers from the collection inside the Speechelo™, generate and then download. And you are done!

You also have the option to add breathing and pausing to your script, making Speechelo™ different from other text to speech programs. If that is not enough, you are also able to emphasize some words inside the script. Another special feature is its ability to adjust actual speech itself.

You can adjust the speaking rate, volume as well as the pitch of the chosen voiceover.

Besides, Speechelo™ offers you a discount especially now, if you can grab it for a one-off payment for $47 only. This program can be used for many other languages including Mandarin, English, Danish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Polish, Swedish, French, German, Russian, Italian Icelandic, Turkish, Portuguese welsh, among other languages.


How Does It Work?

Speechelo™ is uniquely different from other text to speech programs because it’s the only program that uses natural sound voice. As stated earlier, it is very easy to use and since it is a web-based program, you do not have to download anything. You can try it now especially when it is in its launch week and be the first to experience this new TTS program.

The program has several language options to choose from. However, to enjoy its maximum benefits, you need to upgrade to the pro version. The pro version has up to 60 language options and also a commercial license. This means you can make a profit by creating scripts and selling them. And if that is not enough, you can cancel the pro version anytime if you don’t see the value for your money.

Here are the three steps in simplified form through which Speechelo™ works :

  Copy And Paste Your Text

  Select Your Voice

  Download The TTS Script


What Do You Get?

When you buy Speechelo™, you get lots of other goodies.

Speechelo™ comes with the following bonuses :

  YouTube Marketing Video Series

With Speechelo™, you can conquer YouTube with on-point marketing. There are more than twenty videos that teach you everything about YouTube video marketing. You will be taught everything you need to know right from setting up your YouTube channel to using ads.

You also learn how to conduct a successful YouTube marketing. It beats the logic to create high-quality videos that don’t get views. Luckily this is the video you need to know everything about YouTube marketing.

  Outsourcing Video Series

Four high-quality videos teach in detail how to outsource work from other people on the cheap. There are comprehensive steps on how to use several platforms to use others to have your work done. It includes everything from scriptwriting to software design.

  Copywriting Influence

You can boost your Speechelo™ script with this free training course. You will learn about copywriting strategies as well as how to increase the conversations among others. Also, you are given full reset rights which allow you to earn profit upon reselling it.

  2 GB PLR Articles

You will need some articles to boost your marketing campaign. The 2GB PLR can help you generate more than a million articles on any topic of your choice. This bonus is available freely for all users regardless of your package especially when you purchase this page.


Benefits of Speechelo™

  Works With Any Video Creation Software

Speechelo™ works with any video creating software and this makes it incomparable to other TTS programs. It works well with Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie among others.

  Gives You More Sales

Consumers like it when they are treated to a natural-sounding human voice on the video. You get just that when you use Speechelo™. This will boost your sales as it will solve trust issues with your customers.

  Breathing & Pauses

With Speechelo™, you can add pauses and breathing sounds after the phrases. This makes the scripts to sound 100% natural and can be very hard to tell whether it’s generated by a software.

  Money-Back Guarantee

The customers you buy this product receive a 100% money-back guarantee. This makes it free from risks. You are given up to 60 days to try the program out risk-freely. If it falls short of your expected standards, you can drop it and have your cash back.


  There are up to 60 different collections of voices to choose from that sounds just like humans,

  The program has an online text-editor that helps you fix punctuation issues in your article.

  There are 23 different languages to be used with the program,

  The pro version users have the privilege to commercialize the scripts and make hefty profits from reselling them,



  There are real benefits to the pro version. Basic users are only entitled to limited functionalities. But the fact that you can sell videos and make up 100% of profits makes it even better.


Should You Get Speechelo™?

Speechelo™ software has completely revolutionized text to speech. It enables you to transform your text into natural speech with 100% precision. With this program, you won’t have to pay somebody to translate your text to speech. Besides, it is easy to use. There are only three steps involved and your script is ready for download.

Also, you get a license to commercialize your scripts if you are a pro version user. You can generate unlimited numbers of scripts and sell them for 100% of profits.

It doesn’t matter the kind of voice you have, you can still make the most wonderful voiceovers. And by the way, you have 60 different voiceovers to choose from. And if that is not enough, these voiceovers are available in 23 different languages including French, Japanese, Russians, and japans among others.

Speechelo™ offers you the right TTS services you need. So if you haven’t got it, do it right away.


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Get The Entire
for Only $47

(Regular Price $100)

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